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Thinking Witch Virgo Fact for today

Thinking Witch Leo Fact for today.definitely perfect for today!

"The Thinking Witch" Gemini Astrology Fact for Wednesday March 1st

"The Thinking Witch" Sagittarius Astrology Fact for Thursday March

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Thinking Witch Sagittarius Fact for today

virgo-This is so true.

A Virgo's biggest fear.

Aries. Isn't that the truth! Stop talking, start doing already. Words are cheap.

I have this thought often Aries Zodiac City


capricorn-I am quiet at times, but will speak my mind.

Adam is a capricorn and this is so him!! He was just saying the other day how he wished everyone could be honest and dependable!

as a capricorn, you expect people to be just as reliable and truthful as yourself.

This is a blog dedicated to celebrating and enlightening people about the 6th astrological sign of...

Virgo facts ~ This is my biggest problem!

What a Gemini woman wants...

Random: The Quintessential Gemini

Why is this so hard for a Gemini to find, in a lover or a friend!

Colors for astrological signs Astrology,Gemini,Zodiac,

Virgo Zodiac Facts:

Zodiac Society — Virgo Zodiac Facts: definitely summarizes me well

This is me....I have always been self dependent....but in a good way to others.  ~R

taurus, yep, my way or the highway


I have been told this ---- .Capricorn females have a strong presence. Some people get intimidated or overwhelmed by this.

may u win this game for us.....

Me being a libra. And I’m INTJ. The supreme observer and startegist combination. Not gonna be good news to shady people.