Take that, Pottery Barn. Make your own Mercury Glass

Mercury Glass Mason Jars - Looking Glass spray paint, a spray bottle with equal parts water & vinegar in it, paper towels and a mason jar. Spray on Vinegar & H2O, then Paint, wait and wipe/blot.

Diy Faux Mercury Glass

Patina - vinegar + salt. Fill a quart yogurt container half full of vinegar, and 1tsp salt. dump any metal you want to age. I leave them over night and seal if items are touched a lot

DIY TIP: To make your own mercury glass simply spritz glass with water then spray with Krylon "Looking Glass" spray paint and voila!

2 oz. Dawn Dishwashing liquid 4 oz. Lemon Juice 8 oz. White Vinegar 10 oz. Water Now make your house sparkle!

Mason jar spray painted with Krylon's "Looking Glass" spray

DIY - Upcycling old Tins. Spray paint used was Krylon's Indoor/Outdoor Satin Catalina Mist. Step-by-Step Tutorial.

Great idea for all the pretty vintage crochet doilies I find.

Super cute! Jusr Paint some cheap glass vases

Old house keys > pretty brooches.

How to clean a top loading washing machine. Pinner said.....The color of the water after the vinegar soak...the horror. WHAT has been IN my machine??

Dollar Store Stove Burner Cupcake Stands

Jars made from spaghetti sauce jars--spray paint lid and add knob.

so cool, photo transfer onto glass.

DIY: reuse glass jars - remove stickers with goo gone, spray paint lids, punch hole in lid and add drawer knob. Love!

Awesome videos for cutting glass bottles to make drinking glasses. Who knew!!

DIY Glass Etching


use rubber bands and a *GLASS* spray paint to frost them. Inexpensive, easy and a really great finish.

Create your own home accessories