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    The boy and the cat... Well I'd rather say "A meeting of two minds."

    LOVE IT ...........click here to find out more googydog.com

    Magnificent stag, undoubtedly one of the most beautiful animals I have ever seen .....

    Cats are resilient Cats spirit can rarely be broken. They go through a lot in life and will face it head on and with a positive attitude.

    Awwwww... Um, um... Lyra's little brother? Why can't I remember his name just now...? (He's a very minor character.)

    sweet animals with captions | cute captions 26 Funny Animals Are Even Funnier With These Captions ...

    this was me every time one of the farm cats would come up to our house when I was young. Who am I kidding!,,, Id still do this!

    Blue Point Birman kitten. Birmans are absolutely AWESOME to have. They don't act like "regular cats". These babies are different. They do not act like you should wait on them. They love to cuddle and play and have the sweetest personalities. I've had 6 Birmans, and all were fabulous!

    I adopted my cat as an adult, and never got to see her as a kitten… but I bet this is just what she looked like!

    I thought 2 cats hangin out would be cool...my cat didn't think so. Look what he missed out on. lol