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Reba and Barbara Jean, Reba TV Show Good Reba tv love you Taylor Klemme See go to you love

Oh Barbra Jean. howe we love reba boards. This person is GORGEOUS. Ladies I love her. She is my awesome nanna. I love her.

LOL. This must have been the day *before* he brought sexy back.

I have never laughed so hard at something so terrifying.

Read this in a sleeping house! Almost had a stroke holding it together....

Imagine your kid asking you "Mommy, how do we handle stress?" Of course at this point you have no idea that it's for homework, so naturally MY response would be " Suck it up."

He Took It Very Literally...sent my husband to buy groceries including tomatoes 1.99/lb and he brought me 16 tomatoes!

A Very Polite Way To Curse Someone

Theres a stick for a reason

If Major Companies/ Brands Used Realistic Slogans

I think I laughed too hard

Ooooooh!> Can we Oncers just take a moment to appreciate Killipan Jones?