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  • Jeannine

    If you didn't read Harry Potter... (damn just read the books already - they are worth it)

  • Mindy Borth

    So true! Read Harry Potter!!!

  • Kaitlyn B

    True Potterheads know that. Hey I knew it all!!! READ HARRY POTTER!

  • Kelcee Jerman

    or that Harry sponsored Fred and George's joke shop or the story of Dumbledore and his sister or peeves the poltergeist or why Snape was the Half Blood Prince or how Dumbledore for the Ring or how Voldemort mother's story or learn about how Filch is a Squib or, or, or, The books are worth it. There is so much that they left out, and quite honestly i was dissapionted that ther let out peeves.

  • Marie-Ève Doré

    If you never READ Harry Potter... Read books, people.

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