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    Titanic Memorial Mass. Requiem Mass for the Titanic's Victims in St. Photographic Print at

  • Sandi Evans

    A Requiem Mass for the Titanic victims took place in Cobh Cathedral on April 22nd 1912. Frank's (Father Browne) Uncle Robert presided.

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I believe these are the port side windows which were opened during the final hours so the passengers could climb out. Unfortunately, doors and windows left open by those departing the ship, inadvertently helped hasten her sinking, if only by minutes.

Titanic Memorial Service in 1912 #History

At 11:40 April 14 1912, the Titanic struck an iceberg in the North Atlantic causing 6 of her compartments to be ripped open. On board were 2,206 souls including a crew of 898. There were only enough lifeboats to hold about 700. At 2:20 April 15, the Titanic sank beneath the waves.  About an hour later, the Carpathia arrived at the scene to take aboard 705 survivors.

People Who Died on the Titanic - perhaps you will see your ancestor here, and this link can lead you to further research...

pourbrew: “Titanic (1912) via /r/OldSchoolCool

Titanic Victims, Lost Souls Of The Sea. A video about the tragic sinking of the titanic and the boats that went to collect the bodies and take them back to canada for burial.

The crowd outside St Paul's Cathedral in London on 19 April 1912 after a memorial service for victims of the Titanic tragedy. (Topham/Topham Picturepoint/PA Images)

U.S. London street scene, 1912. A newsboy holds a broadside reading, "Titanic Disaster Great Loss of Life."

Titanic's 'Unknown Child' no longer nameless. He was an English passenger named Sidney Leslie Goodwin.

Belfast. A modern cosmopolitan thriving city, and birthplace of the Titanic. - See more at: www.wonderfulirel...

Titanic memorial-In the village of Lahardane in the parish of Addergoole in County Mayo, located at the foot of Nephin (the mountain you see in the background here).