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Ellen: Dr Neal Barnard Power Foods & Blueberries Improve Memory

Dr Neal Barnard presented a group of foods that will improve you memory and get you a better night's sleep. White bread is better than warm milk for sleep.

    Padding for the CPAP masks straps, and forehead and seal used for the treatment of Sleep Apnea

  • Nurpika Widia

    Sleep 8 Hours A Day For Healthy Body, Really good quality sleep should be eight hours a day? Not necessarily. There are still some myths about sleep that wrong but many people believe. In order to get quality sleep and avoid the myth is not clear that could harm your health, these five myths about sleep that you need to know the facts.

  • Ben Janke

    How Your Sleep Effects Your Weight Loss Goals

  • Marylou McGinnis Crabtree

    Dr. Oz: Corydalis for pain, Magnesium Citrate for Migraines, Butt Pillow for Lower Back Pain, Slouching During Sleep, Posture Test & Anti-Slouch Stretch, Healthy Winter Salad & No-Bake Energy Bars Recipe, Broccoli Caffeine Flush & How Makeup Damages Pores & Makeup Removal Facial Care Aired January 28, 2014/March 13 2014

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  • B

    This helped big time! !!

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