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Punto de cruz: papa noel; Snowman with a bunny; they are so cute, and the chart has DMC color key.

Shades of DMC.


Designer Toshie Ishii has developed this adorable series of cross stitch charts. The package includes a full-color, fold out pattern sheet with instructions for each of the designs shown. Cosmo embroidery floss colors are specified for each pattern sheet. This pattern calls for colors: 104, 106, 166, 185, 371, 385, and 700. Purchase the chart by itself and customize your colors, or purchase the kit, which includes the chart and 7 skeins of Cosmo embroidery floss to stitch the designs in the ...

Butterfly Cross-stitch

Keep your floss colors organized while you cross stitch - label each one with the chart symbol. No need to keep threading/un-threading!

cross stitch chart

cuore con simboli; heart of hearts- includes DMC number colors

Table Conversion Chart, DMC - Anchor, Page 2

the link doesn't take you anywhere, but the chart as shown here is probably clear enough to count off the pattern, and floss numbers aren't an issue.

cross stitch chart

DMC 310- Black DMC 304- Red DMC 906- Lime Green DMC 3846- Turquoise Finishing Instructions: Recommended finishing supplies: Muslin or fabr...

Free cross-stitch charts

Cross-stitch Cute Snowman... no color chart available, just use pattern chart as your color guide.. or choose your own colors... / Фото #12 - Схемки бесплатно - sima2010

free embroidery chart

Mini Biscornu Cross Stitch Collection 2 ... no color chart available, just use the pattern chart as your color guide.. or choose your own colors...

Tulips. Cross stitch pattern with the color chart