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How to solve problems like Henry VIII: a flow chart.

A handy flow chart for determining If a bill is a good idea or a very bad idea.

Daily chart: Danger of death! | The Economist will make you feel better about how you're going to die. Heart disease, cancer, or something else.

Housing & Poverty Mario Poprora Luca Francesco Rossi Pietro Righi Riva Maddalena Vismara

simple yet everything works - the colors, the placement of the circles and the line to the left of the text. I don't even mind all the all caps and I usually despise it.

A world in miniature by INFOGRAFIKA, infographic group via Flickr

Vintage inspired poster perfect for your futuristic Aquarian child. #aquarius

Moscow circus poster, Mark Levin, 1968.

All of these prints are great. Chrysler building is my favorite one.