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Aaaaand another moment ruined, courtesy of Stephan Moffat.

OMG! i remember seeing this pre-doctor who, like, "what the heck does that mean?" and now im like "AHAHAHAAAHAHA! AWESOME!"

Weeping Angel Barbie - I kinda want to make this the best costume trophy for my party...but then i will also have to have the best costume at the party so i win.

DON'T BLINK. I had a nightmare about the Weeping Angels last night. Scared the hell out of me and I woke up screaming.

Rad costume idea! "Blink" - Dr. Who Not a Who fan? If you ever want to check out just one episode, it is this one. SCARES ME STILL.

I have seen and read about so many scary creatures, but the Weeping Angels are by far the ones that scare me the most! lol

Weeping Angels Fitted Tee (large) oookay wow did not know this existed....want but it had better come with its own lockable drawer...

If a weeping angel Nick C Ciaccio Skye James James Ciaccio Jennifer Milsaps L Ciaccio

Is it just me or is fact that the Weeping Angels have retractable claws just make them that much more creepy. Seriously look at those daggers!

First a Weeping Angel and Now This?