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    • Brittany Gordon

      $5 savings plan, I just started this for the new year! Such a great idea! :)

    • Rae Kurtz

      $5 Savings Plan. Any time you get a 5 dollar bill, save it for something! (What a great idea!) Hope I get alot of $5 dollar bills

    • Vennessa Spurling

      The five dollar savings plan: sounds easy enough. Every time a five dollar bill comes into my hands put it in a "savings" jar/drawer. I would also put the money in a separate account at the bank every time I saved $50. Good idea and every little bit will help

    • INCOGNITO ..

      Here's how the 5 dollar Savings Plan works:  Whenever a 5 dollar bill comes into your possession, you save it in a special jar or envelope.  Over time, they will add up.  The more you incorporate using cash into your spending habits, the more you will save (if you're a credit card user, you won't save as much).

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