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apple template

apple template

Complete preschool kit focusing on the letter A, number 1, and apples galore. Free download when you follow Oopsey Daisy blog! This would be a great place to start for unit planning...see how someone else did it, first!

This blog has a ton of printables for letters, numbers and more - along with other fun ideas - from a homeschool mom

apple craft

Crafts and Preschool Activities for Letter O


Apple Math Number Stories

Creative Cut Out, Large Single, Effective Teachers, Tooth Se 8271, Color Creative, Single Color

Apple Paper Plate Craft

LOTS of free apple printables plus ideas for using free printables to prepare Montessori-inspired apple activities

Moms Like Me: Apple Math Games

Books About Math For Kids. Do you use picture books to teach your children math?

What we Learn from Apples: science, math and literacy!

Making Numbers cut and paste fun with apples FREEBIE!

September and October are great months to focus on apple activities. You'll find special calendar observances here along with LOTS and LOTS of hands-on apple activities.

Large Word Wall Bulletin Board Letters WITH Pictures. Consonants are black lettering WITH writing lines. Vowels are read lettering WITH writing lines. These bulletin board letters are particularly beneficial for students in grades pre-k through second. They provide a visual cue for the letter and the sound that the letter makes. Simply print and then cut the top, bottom, and sides of each letter and laminate for durability.

Letter F: Alphabet Activities for Kids

ABC Uppercase/Lowercase Matching book FREEBIE

Letter Sorting Tree Alphabet For Starters...can do letters/numbers