tally anchor chart

Creative way of teaching tally marks. In kindergarten, we use tally marks as one of the ways we keep track of the days of school. This also helps the kids learn to count by and

Comparing I would use the word "fewer" rather than "less", but I like the overall idea.

Teacher Stuff: Math Chart Share!!

Love this visual for "how many more?" Number comparisons for finding the difference in subtraction. Have kids color in & show the difference in subtraction. Connect to how many more /less word problem & # sentence

Anchor Chart Eye Candy!

Anchor Chart Eye Candy!

Rainbow to 10 anchor chart. Great for students learning addition. Also would be great for teaching addition of integers. i have never seen anything like this it is great if for if a child has trouble grasping the concepts of addition and subtraction

9 Must Make Anchor Charts for Math

9 Must Make Anchor Charts for Math

Year 2 - Solve simple addition & subtraction problems using a range of efficient mental & written strategies Commutative Property, Building to Doubles, Tens facts, Adding 10

Wants and needs anchor chart by gilda

This idea relates to the standard Describe how individuals interacted within groups to make choices regarding food, clothing and shelter. The poster stresses the difference between what a need is and what a want is. More (Large group).


Greater Than/Less Than Song and Whole Group Activity our kids LOVE alligator! I taught kinders this concept and they picked it up in NO time :) MATH grade