|| Medieval Peacock and Ostrich

"The Aesop for Children" illustrated by Milo Winter by docarelle, via Flickr


Hieronymus Bosch, The Garden of Earthly Delights, between 1490 and 1510 (Prado, Madrid). Detail: giraffe.

Tattly peacock tattoos

Hare Woodcut Print by JaneBeharrell on Etsy

Medieval Bestiary : Whale Gallery

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medieval bestiary

The Hague, MMW, 10 A 11, detail of fol. 320r (‘Souls ascending to Janus and Terminus, who are holding the world; souls descending to hell’). Augustine, La Cité de Dieu (Vol. I). Translation from the Latin by Raoul de Presles. Paris; c. 1475 (c.) c. 1478-1480

These images come from the fabled manuscript, 'Liber Floridus' (Book of Flowers), a Medieval encyclopædia produced some 900 years ago by Lambert, Canon of St Omer, in the NE France/Flanders/Belgium region.

Arthur Silver

Detail of a miniature of a peacock from the right-hand margin of the folio. Origin:France, N. or N. W. (Rouen?) British Library Collection

The charming manuscript images were sometimes assiduously copied from, and at other times simply inspired by, The Triumphs of Maximilian I. That the procession was itself imaginary makes the concept of embellishment more a stylistic contrast with the originals than in any sense a deviation from reality. The manuscript was produced in about 1700 (so it is claimed) and features captions in German. It may have been originally commissioned by the Hapsburg Archduke Albert of Austria (d. 1621) and...


Floral Peacock

Cracked open a new Moleskine... Inside front cover illustration complete. by rebeccaStahr, via Flickr

Medieval woodcut vintage illustration by rawvegandietaddict, via Flickr

Stephan Schreiber's illuminated sketchbook (15th c)

Sea monsters!