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  • Liz Wagar

    How big of a backyard do you need for a sustainable homestead garden infographic. Good idea!

  • The Stunning Survivalist

    How to live off the grid: an infographic of sustainable living.

  • Lisa Leiter Seeley

    How Big a Backyard Would You Need to Live Off the Land? "going off the grid" is a daunting proposal, especially for those with families. Non-homesteaders rely on others for virtually everything; not just our haircuts, but our electricity & our eggs. Figuring out how many crops to plant to feed a family of 4 is daunting. Here's a useful chart illustrating the typical land requirements for a family of four seeking nutritional and electronic self-sufficiency. #Homesteading #OffTheGrid

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This would be great in my yard this summer! We did this in our front yard on each side of the door. I used terra cotta orange 12" pots for the base and 8" pots on top. Looks so cute and unique! I love them! I planted blue and white petunias in them to contrast the orange. :)

Good info here about growing, cutting, cooking with, and preserving herbs

The Homestead Survival: Beautiful Raised Herb Garden & What To Grow

The Garden Geeks Favorite Spillers

Well-Lived: Southampton Cottage. Interior Design by Thomas Pheasant.

A unique new way to garden that is easy and it works. Great for apartments, townhomes, backyards, or patio homes. info and lots of pics on link. pin now so you have it for when you are ready to start a garden. detailed plans on link.

It's so important to keep bees these days as global populations are on an steep decline. If you like peaches, or strawberries, or eating anything grown in general then you need to be aware of this. I'm excited we have a swarm of honey bees in our yard making a hive!

Smart Gardener - best garden planning app I've seen by far. Helps you plan your perfect garden according you your area and number of people in your household. Gives you weekly to-do lists so you won't miss a beat and helps you stay on top of tending to your veggies. LOVE!

With food prices at an all-time high (and stirring up social unrest worldwide), you might be considering growing your own food, but wondering how much land is actually needed to provide you and your family food for a year.

Itabashi Botanical Garden - Tetsu Hiraga