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  • Jo-An-Zo Tribal Belly Dance etc

    Maypole Beauty - Lovely community feel to this illustration.

  • Luana P.

    COSTUMES DE BELTANE: Nesse dia celebramos a vida dançando em volta do Mastro de Beltane (Maypole), dando as boas-vindas ao Verão que se aproxima, pulando o Caldeirão para atrair fertilidade. Muitos casais pulam juntos o caldeirão, para conceber uma criança. A fertilidade sexual é invocada e celebrada como o meio pelo qual todos vêm para a Terra. Beltane é o dia da alegria, da felicidade e do riso. É a festa mais alegre dentre todas, pois celebra a vida em todas as suas manifestações.

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I wanna dance around the Maypole with my dance sisters...

Why, yes-it is possible to combine classic and whimsical... with a maypole ribbon dance at my wedding :)

Beltane, the may pole.

Perfect -saw lots of ladies wearing something like this in Glastonbury last Beltane

I'd make one of these for the garden using ribbon but they have them in ASDA's for just a pound so can't argue with that :-)

SOBRE: Durante o entrelace das fitas tecemos a teia da nossa vida, mentalizando nossos desejos, fazendo nossos pedidos e projetando nosso futuro ao Universo.

Feast of Beltane Long ago, Celts celebrated Beltane, which was a calendar feast that welcomed summer. Bonfires figured largely into this celebration, and some activities included dancing around the fire, burning effigies of witches(?), and herding cattle in between bonfires. Fire was seen as a purifying source. In recent years, neopagans have begun to celebrate Beltane once more.

Happy May Day! It's origin lies in the Celtic festival of Beltane and the germanic Walspurge Night. Dancing around the maypole's symbolism has been speculated by scholars to mean anything from the pole representing the axis mundi or world tree to a phallic symbol. German pagan religions venerated trees as sacred and held that the universe was a tree. Dancing was a way to herald the coming of summer.