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12 Houses That Will Get You Through A Zombie Apocalypse

Safe House Which Can Transform Itself Into A Fort (In Case Of Zombie Apocalypse ;))-Probably Jason's dream home

Zombie apocalypse house rules sign

Zombie apocalypse house rules sign

House of the Week: Missile Silo for Sale | Zillow Blog

House of the Week: Missile Silo for Sale

The missile silo is leftover from the beginning of the Cold War and is designed to survive nuclear explosions, earthquakes, blizzards and nearly any other disaster imaginable.


Zombie Response Team Kill Or Be Eaten T-shirt

This is not good news for us campaigners who are often mistaken for solicitors and chased off of people's porches by crazy people in their pajamas. At 4 in the afternoon. Maybe zombies would be an improvement.

Solicitors Will Be Eaten by Zombies Metal Garden Yard Sign. HAHA Need this :)

Kid's Car Garage. Great idea for all those large outdoor toys you don't want ruined by the weather..

Covered Kid Car Parking Garage - such an awesome idea! on the other hand, when my child(ren) have enough motorized vehicles to warrant a "parking garage", we might have a bigger problem.

wall system for canned food

On-wall system food storage system, I really like this idea only in a smaller format to fit my pantry. It sure would be easier to find a can of something than cans in rows on a shelf.

Harry Potter Platform 9 3/4 King's Cross Station - Welcome Mat - Door mat Indoor Outdoor Novelty Doormat, Porch mat, Floor mat

Harry Potter Platform 9 King's Cross Station - Welcome Mat - Door mat Indoor…