Autographed PAUL MICHAEL GLASER Det. David Starsky "STARSKY & HUTCH" I was so in love with this man!!! I begged my Mama to buy me a sweater like his she did :) love u Mama !!!

Paul Michael Glaser aka David Starsky

Michael Buble

Hugh Jackman

Robert Downey Jr....yowzah....just sayin

Hugh Jackman

New York Times: July 21, 2014 - Obituary: Veteran actor James Garner, one of the leading men of leading men, dies at 86

Image Detail for - Don Johnson in MiamiVice

Mark Harmon

My all time FAVORITE... You don't get any sexier than Matthew McConaughey... *sigh*

Johnny Depp.

Ryan Gosling, damn he made a Christmas sweater look good.

<3 Paul Newman

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Paul Michael Glaser - played Starsky in the 70's police drama Starsky and Hutch

Simon Baker - his good looks are a bit different from the rest, the golden curlyish hair sort of makes me think of Redford, his coloring...and his Smile! That face just lights up!

Paul Michael Glaser! Everybody loved Hutchinson, but Starsky was the man!

Jimmy Stewart, he may not have the "suave handsomeness" of Cary Grant or the "dark grit" of Humphrey Bogart but there's something incredibly attractive about him

Knew him before Starsky and Hutch. Awesome memory - he kissed me on my left cheek! I was dating his brother Scott Glaser. Ahhh - good times - good memories.

Javier Bardem