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These knots, all 40 of them, will add a lot to your knowledge rank. All outdoorsmen should know these.

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Making a large fishing hook - make a hook using only what nature provides... A thorn, strong natural fibres and a piece of wood

A pencil sharpener might not seem like something you should keep in your survival kit, but it's actually quite useful. The paper-thin shavings that you can make catch fire easily and make great tinder.


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5 Survival Uses of Pine Resin

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Ten Best Survival Books: How To Survive Anything, Anywhere... Emergency Preparedness The Right Way... Just In Case (Self-Sufficiency & The Unexpected)... Modern Survival Manual (Economic Collapse)... How To Survive The End of The World (Tactics, Techniques & Technologies For Uncertain Times)... Nuclear War Survival Skills... SAS Survival Guide... Handbook To Practical Disaster Preparedness For The Family... Encyclopedia of Country Living... Back To Basics (Guide To Traditional Skills)...

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