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Boxers are always sitting on each other -,this is actually true..why do they do that??? mine do it all the time!

Cute Boxer Puppy.. This puppy reminds me of my Boxer I had when I was growing up " Rebel Prince "..

Boxer......totally believe they are reincarnated people who were extra cool in their past life

Yahtzee- the #Boxer -gazing at his human with such adoration...

We sleep next to you because we love you little human. This is Cooter Brown and Bailey An with our Brenton! They watch over him as he sleeps or plays in the floor ((:

"3, 2, Human, prepare for a Boxer hug…" ~ Dog Shaming shame - Boxer - incoming!

Pets and Their Owners Growing Old Together. The Last One Almost Had Me In Tears... 34 -

"Students, open your textbooks to Page 49. Today we will be studying the relationship between a boxer and his human." (boxer)

Boxer - I can only think this is what rocky looked like as a puppy!