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John Kerry To Prop Up Palestinians With $4 Billion Of US Taxpayer Money : Freedom Outpost....5/29....more>....this is so wrong!

Lisa on

Wake up, people! ----- instead of whining about what's wrong people need to vote ... all those who sit at home to "voice their opinion" may not have a head to voice it with one day soon... Get rid of Common Core! “They” are dumbing down your children!! Educate the children. Demand they have Civics classes in order to graduate . Wake up to the UN and Agenda 21… You are losing your country folks!!

Gone are the days of the true Democrat. They have been taken over by extreme leftists. Now is the time for Independent Conservatives! True Freedom, True Republic!

Six on

This is a "black" man who isn't afraid of being black, doesn't fall back on the race card, fought for his and our freedom. This is a man.

DeplorableRevSondrup on

Michelle Obama presents Oscar for movie about the successful rescue of 6 Americans in 1979 Iran. How about a movie about your husband's "rescue" of Americans in Benghazi? -- How would that go, Michelle? #Benghazi

Feisty☀️Floridian on

Obama removes cross from Military Chapel. I didn't hear this on the news! He can't lie himself out of this one - a Christian would NEVER do that....but a MUSLIM would, especially as an insult to the multitude of Christians in the military.