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Dice set created by ceramicwombat. Some beautiful other dice and dice sets as well.

Don't look down upon thy Flareon. Although Flareon may not be the best, Flareon is adorable and lovable!

no matter what you do or how bad things get I will always be there to help you up and to take you home for you are my brother and my best friend and I don't know how I would continue without you

Fandom brothers. though, for dean and sam, i shall quote one thing. "NO CHICK FLICK MOMENTS."

Craftworld Alaitoc. Holy crap this is another awesome ranger. If this is the standard model now I need some!!!

Soledad ( Nocturna Princess ) by Miguel Matias

Warmachine Khador Heavy Warjack Juggernaut

Gelatinous Cube - This includes instructions in how he made it. I am inspired - I want to make this mini

I'm sorry, correction! In the lion king picture, they are an Uncle and Nephew, as the red and gold lion featured there is Simba, not Mufasa. Educate yourselves people! I will concede that Mufasa has the same coloring, and is Scar's bother though. You're welcome.