Because someone we Love is in Heaven...there's a little bit of HEAVEN in our home.

... Tonight before getting into bed I looked at the calendar and realized tomorrow was your birthday... I reminded myself to tell u happy birthday, then remembered you weren't here!! Crying myself to sleep I wish I was with you... #missyou #Theorichard #loveyou

Because Someone we love is in Heaven Christmas by layniebugdesign, $12.95. Need to get this ornament for our tree in memory of my beloved mom.

Heirloom Ornament (Tutorial). Love this idea!

holly and letter blocks inside clear glass ornament

No chimney? No worries, Santa's key! Such a cute idea.

Ornament or Stocking stuffer idea~candy train

Melted Snowman Ornament : Clear ornaments Fake snow or shredded white paper Cut out snowman parts fabric for scarf Funnel put fake snow in ornament. add snowman parts move them til you're satisfied.

Rolled up scrapbook paper inside clear Christmas ornaments

love this idea

Glitter ornament

75 Ways to Fill Clear Glass Ornaments {Homemade Christmas Ornaments} - Refunk My Junk

Free Holiday Printables

Make your Christmas card from each year into an ornament. look back and see how much you've each grown year to year! love this idea - I need to go back and do this with all our cards!

Great ornaments for family and friends - clear glass ornament and monogram stickers

What a great idea to save Graduation Tassels and repurpose as Christmas ornaments!

Snowman glitter ornaments

How to make your own ornamental wreath

each year ill make the kids list to santa and add a new ornament to my tree. I'll pass those ornies on when the move away from home. This is just my idea of what to do . the original artist has her own ideas i'm sure. What a cute idea she has i love it.

Filling clear ornaments with beads, pearls, etc then monogram

DIY: Christmas Ornament Garland