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Piezodorus litoratus: The Gorse Shield Beetle sports two adult coloring related to sexual maturity, green, for those mating in the spring and multicolor for those which appear in the late summer.

Horny Caterpillar - Tailed Emperor caterpillar (Polyura pyrrhus)

Agrilus cyanescens Ratzeburg, 1837, via Flickr.

Fascinating Beetle - yellow with bright green markings and red legs.

Iridescent green beetle. Reminds me of the cockroaches from the book 14.

10/1: I'm mostly in love with the texture of this insect's carapace. It's kept from being an overbearing block of color by the small winding lines running through it, and of course the massive straight ones running down the length of it. Additionally, it's a very rich orange. It pleases my cones and rods.

Insect Wings: Transparent wings, viewed against a black background reveal astonishing colors!

Hesse Heneger Chernobyl Series Illustrations: Henneger documented the effects of radiation on the health of insects, completing beautiful hand drawn pictures of mutations.

love the combination of photography and illustration - flowers & insects