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  • Yuki K Day

    A pug wearing pug slippers. So cute!

  • Chelsea Paulson

    A pug wearing pug slippers Totally thought of you, Alissa Hutchinson!

  • Aunt Bucky

    Pug love pug love pug love. pinned by #pugs #pets

  • Trish Anna

    a pug with pug slippers - couldn't resist pinning! ************************************************ (repin) #dog #dogs #animal #animals #canine #pet #pets #pup #pups #puppy #puppies #breed #pug #slippers - ≈√

  • Kris Johnson Ware

    Pug Wearing Pug Slippers Too Funny

  • Megan McCleland

    Oh my word so cute!! Pug slippers!

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What my little Pebbles looked like when she was just a pup,but now she is getting gray and she's much chubbier ;)

@Chrissy Phillips - you probably realize by now you will have ALL the pug pictures available on pinterest.

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The more you look at it the more you laugh. Not this dog. No way. No how. Just another reason to live in California.

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