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    The Colony 2 - A second installment of experts discussing (and directing, methinks) a group of people living as if TEOTWAWKI has occurred - in Louisiana. More concocted drama than the first season, but still good prepper info.

    Everything you need for the Zombie apocalypse.

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    Great series, great books.

    Life (2007) Exonerated after 12 years in prison, former LAPD cop Charlie Crews has his life and job restored -- but the unconventional thinker brings a new Zen attitude to his work, as well as a fierce resolve to catch the real culprits in his own unsolved case.

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    The Killing (2011) The disappearance of a young Seattle girl sets in motion this moody crime series centering on a detective -- Sarah Linden -- who's trying to start a new life in California but is unable to walk away from the mysteries posed by the complex case.

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    In Plain Sight (2008) While struggling to find balance in her chaotic personal life, gutsy U.S. Marshal Mary Shannon (Mary McCormack) secretly works for the federal witness protection program, risking her life to relocate and protect criminals as well as innocent bystanders. Although her best friend and partner Marshall (Frederick Weller) harbors strong romantic feelings for her, Mary stubbornly resists acknowledging them.

    24 (2001) Each season of this Emmy-winning action thriller follows 24 hours in the life of Jack Bauer, a special agent who works for the government thwarting terrorist attacks and other threats to national security as he struggles with his own inner demons.

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    Life hacks

    Tips And Tricks That Can Save Your Life

    Carabandit Clips | 19 Products That Will Make Your Life So Much Better In 2014

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