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First to call Yosemete home, native people in Yosemite is this photograph taken by J. T. Boysen in 1901 are Susie and daughter Sadie McGowan.

Pretty Nose - Northern Cheyenne 1880

Native American

Pare Watene 1878

Native American ladies

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Three Horses, Native American, photographed by Edward Curtis in 1905. Three Horses, head-and-shoulders portrait, facing front, wearing headdress.

Russell Means...Chingachgook - The Last of the Mohicans

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Cherokee mother and her baby in a beaded cradleboard - photograph by Edward Curtis, 1908.

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Algonquin native in full ceremonial dress

Native American woman

Brenda Schad (born 1971) is an All Native American model. She founded the Native American Children’s Fund in Oklahoma and is of Choctaw and Cherokee descent.

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African American x Cherokee ~Many freed and escaped slaves went west where there was true freedom and were adopted by tribes taking Native American wives.