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First to call Yosemete home, native people in Yosemite is this photograph taken by J. T. Boysen in 1901 are Susie and daughter Sadie McGowan.

Pretty Nose - Northern Cheyenne 1880

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Native American

Cochise, Apache Indian Chief. "When I was young I walked all over this country, east and west, and saw no other people than the Apaches. After many summers I walked again and found another race of people had come to take it. How is it?" From the book "Bury My Heart at Wounded Knee" by Dee Brown.

Cayuse Mother and Child

Many Native Americans welcomed African Americans into their villages. Even as slaves many African Americans became part of a family group, and many intermarried with Native Americans - thus many later became classified as Black Indians


Crow Indian Chief

American Holocaust

Olive Oatman, first tattooed white woman in the U.S. She received her tattoos after being abducted by Indians.

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Crow man 1883 Native American Indian - Old photos

Crows Heart, an Indian Brave. It was created in 1908 by Edward S. Curtis. The photograph presents the Indian in a half-length portrait, facing left. He is wearing a buckskin shirt, and has two eagle feathers in his hair. He has necklaces around his neck, One of the Neclaces is made of Bear Claws.

The Elders say Native American women will lead the healing among the tribes. We need to pray for our women and ask the Creator to bless them and give them strength. Inside them are the powers of love and strength given by the Moon and the Earth. When everyone else gives up, it is the women who sing the songs of strength. She is the backbone of the people. So, to our women we say, sing your songs of strength; pray for your special powers; keep our people strong; be respectful, gentle, and mod...

Native American toddler

Native American.