Perfect first day of school nails #1D

one direction nails

1D nails

One Direction nails, have you ever tried 1D nail art?

one direction nails

One Direction nails

tribal nails. Definitely going to try this one!

one direction nails

One Direction Nail Decals 42 per purchace ($4.50) found on Polyvore

lavender grey | JINsoon polish in 'auspicious'

Perfect summer nails!

One direction nails


Across the Pond is an amazing 1D related nail design which i love and it is really easy to create

One direction freehand nail art over acrylic nails I would get them done to go to their concert In June ❤

Purple Sparkle Heartbeat Nail Art || These are amazing and adorable! I love the color and the idea of the heartbeat going through each nail. :)

awesome nail art

6 Unique Nail Designs With Adhesive Tape *tape is my best friend when im doing my nails, but you must make sure your coat is dry before applying tape, you can ruin your perfect almost complete nail in seconds*

One direction nails done by Kaitlyn Hering.