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Dog Shame Glad to know it's not just my dogs :)

Public Dog Shaming "I thought you were never ever ever coming home.so I panicked.

Dog Shaming - Baby Noodle may need some of these...

Meme Watch: Dogshaming Is The New Planking, Without All The Stupid Planking

L: "I pooped next to the elliptical trainer." and another R: "I ate a Herman Melville novel." ~ Dog Shaming shame - Guilt is showing!

Party Pooper--Dog Shaming website. Hilarious!

I thought only animal shelter dogs ate poop, he looks like a purebread. See all of our puppies, kittens, dogs and cats available for adoption at

Sign says: Sometimes I fart so loud that I scare myself and run away! Love, Lucy  (me too lucy!) Lucy will just be walking around and all of a sudden you hear this big fart and she will run away and look at you concerned like “What was that noise?!”

40 Of The Greatest Pet Shamings Ever Taken / This pin is here for the cute face of the doggy. I don't actually approve of pet shaming.

dog shame pair

“I pee on him.” “I smell like pee.” omg makes me laugh so hard EVERY TIME!

Aww how can you get mad at an adorable mini schnauzer , you can't

Public Dog Shaming "I just ate a pack of gum, a tampon and a zip drive out of my mom's purse.

Bad Sadie

Funniest website - people post bad things their dogs have done with signs

Shame on you dog! Hilarious website!

Wish my roomates dog snacked on dust bunnies, they are getting a bit over populated. (Kidding of course. Dust bunnies are not an approved source of dog nutrition)

12 Dogs Share Their Most Embarrassing Confessions

12 Dogs Share Their Most Embarrassing Confessions

This happened to my older brother when we were younger bc my cousin put the dog on him while it was gagging & my brother was obviously asleep & didnt notice so the dog puked on him.i laughed histarically