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Very rarely do I follow my heart! My brain is a much more reliable choice!

22 of the Funniest Quotes You’ll Read I mean, you’ll hurt your neck doing that. Blow it all up! I mean, let’s be real here. I’d be Baco-Bear. Deep, deep in my soul. It’s a song to my heart. Those poor pups have to

Not saying

In a HEART BEAT! You have zero friends. So glad we kicked you out of the group. Still remember you crying 😭 🤣

36 Funny Quotes Sarcasm

36 Funny Quotes Sarcasm

Yep, we all have those days, where the expletives fly. :) (Ursula)

You Call Them Swear Words. I Call Them Sentence Enhancers. Yep, we all have those days, where the expletives fly.

Sorry for the mean, awful, accurate things I said. Or as the dummies like to say - Sorry, not sorry.

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Hey peoples of the world welcome to my corner of insanity, enjoy my sarcasm and cynicism -Kay


This seems kind of anti-social but it seems like beautiful days when people want to drop in unannounced and it is these days when we need to be alone the most to recharge. We are most at peace on mild sunny days but that is when the extroverts come out to