always with my best friend (: coffee dates get us through the hectic college life


Picnic date! With all these date ideas I'm putting on this board, you'd think I'd have a boyfriend right? Urm no soz

would like to do this with my husband and my family who are also my best friends :)

I want to this summer!

Work in a coffee shop

as long as i don't have to clean it up and i feel like i would keep finding sparkles on me for months... oh well :)

I have done that!

Your Bucket List.

Yeah you really are!! All the things I want to do.. I want to do them with you!! So my little bucket list.. Im ready to check you off because youre mine!!!



I've always tried to build a big sand castle but they always fail, So before I die I WILL make one successfully!!

Coffee date!

Drink coffee in Seattle.

be the one

Hopefully someday

check (:

The Boyfriend Store

The Foodist Bucket List.... Okay this would be hard unless I was like healed! Because eating hurts... 😞

this is a nice thought... but what about the hobos that live on the beach?.. creepy LOL