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    • Toom Mason

      Chondrophores or porpitids are a small and very unusual group of hydrozoans today classified as family Porpitidae. They all live at the surface of the open ocean, and are colonies of carnivorous, free-floating hydroids whose role in the plankton community is similar to that of pelagic jellyfish.

    • Caatje Staats

      Beautiful jellyfish

    • Renata Bursten

      A smack of jelly fish

    • Ana Lucía

      Blue Buttons are not true jellyfish, but are Chondrophores. These are actually colonies of polyps. In other words, they are like a tiny colony of animals. Class Hydrozoa, Order Anthomedusae, Family Porpitidae.

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    Rhizostoma pulmo, also known as the Barrel jellyfish, or the Dustbin-lid jellyfish. It is the largest jellyfish found in British waters.

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