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i work in pjs. exercise in pjs, hang out in pjs. LIVE in pjs.


A former pro skater is designing a custom house that is completely skateable

Im starting group meetings at my house for people with OCD. Not because I have it, but surely one of them will be bothered enough to clean it. - I have OCD but not of the cleaning sort; they can have at it.

don't be so serious.. if you can't laugh at yourself, call me.... I'll laugh at you!

“Don’t Be so Serious, if you can’t laugh at yourself, call me……. I’ll laugh a.

fact!  or cleaning before you have a house full of company!pick up before --Heaven knows you have to clean after!!

Cleaning House while the kids are home, is like shoveling snow, while it's still snowing. My house will be clean for when my kids go on vacations.

yeah like right now it's 11:55 and i might have to watch toby tomorrow morning not a good idea but i do it anyway. Three cheers for coffee!!

My life.Funny Quote - I stay up late every night and realize it's a bad idea every morning

Oh how this makes me laugh...except that it isn't true anymore!

So true. I hate running. Unless someone is chasing me with said scissors.


leg back under the covers after the thought of somthing grabbing your foot from under the bed. repeat the process until sleep takes over :). So true!

My husbands wife

My husband's wife is freakin' AWESOME! This is so true! Every wife should have this pinned. Cursing Mama says, "Sometimes the truth is awesome!