Winnie The Pooh Puppy # Pin++ for Pinterest #

Shar Pei & Baby- I just melted a little


Mouth says eat… legs say no

Bowl of Puppies

so cute and wrinkly :)

Oh, sweet puppy breath

Husky/Golden Retriever mix puppy


OMG the cuteness!!

Puppies, man. Puppies.

shiba inu....awww

Jiff again!

party nose


Take away the creepy tail & germs and rats are actually kind of cute---well, this one is, anyway. Come on, he's cuddling his teddy bear! That's super cute.

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Australian Shepherd Puppy. Ill take one

#Pomeranians puppy. This is how my #goochi the pomeranian looked when he was also a puppy. They are soooooo adorable. Like little #teddy bears

I just cried a sweet.