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$3.50 - This is the book that Bobbi Brown's fans have been waiting for: her 25-plus years of makeup styling experience distilled into one complete, gorgeous book. Bobbi looks at everything from skincare basics to every aspect of facial makeup; from how to find the right color and type of foundation for any skin tone to how to apply every detail of eye makeup (Brows, Eye Liner, Eye Shadow, and Eye Lashes) no matter your eye color and shape.

$3.50 - There is abundant proof that women in senior positions can make boardrooms "smarter" and companies more successful. And with a mastery of transformational and transactional roles, women possess a far larger behavioral repertoire to deal with stress than men, an advantage in any crisis situation. Even so, the glass ceiling still exists.

$3.50 - A superb reference book and an ideal instructional textbook for classroom use, this beautifully illustrated guide is organized into units that reflect required courses at leading design colleges. Twenty step-by-step exercises cover methods of finding inspiration, developing observation techniques, and creating fashion drawings in both color and black-and-white media.

$3.50 - A gorgeous coiffure is a bride's crowning glory. This book shows how to achieve stunning results without going to a salon. It offers step-by-step instructions and colour photos that make it easy to achieve flawless professional results. It includes beautiful hairstyles for all the other ladies of the bridal party.

$3.50 - If you are a biz start-up novice and aren't sure what you need to do to get your thoughts out of your head and onto paper in a logical, well-organized need this book. If you have a business plan to write and think you might get hung up on the finance need this book. If you have an idea for a business and don't know what to do next...get this book.

$3.50 - Introduction To Genetically Modified Foods (PDF ebook) + BIG bonus - FREE shipping

$3.50 - French cuisine is considered among the world's best, but its traditional ingredients like butter and cream aren't always appropriate for today's heart-healthy diets. New World Provence, by the proprietor-chefs of the esteemed restaurants Provence Mediterranean Grill and Provence Marinaside in Vancouver, is a new-style French cookbook designed for contemporary North American audiences, featuring healthy, easy-to-find ingredients prepared using traditional French techniques

$3.50 - Cooks can make homemade pizza that exceeds their wildest expectations with Lahey's groundbreaking no-knead dough and inventive toppings. With gorgeous color photographs and helpful tips on equipment and techniques, "My Pizza" unlocks the secrets of great, easy pizza for home cooks everywhere.

$3.50 - In POWER FOODS FOR THE BRAIN, Dr. Neal Barnard has gathered the most important research and studies to deliver a program that can boost brain health, reducing the risk of Alzheimer's disease, stroke, and other less serious malfunctions, including low energy, poor sleep patterns, irritability, and lack of focus. The plan includes information on: The best foods to increase cognitive function and boost folate, vitamin B6, and vitamin B12 The dangers dairy products and meats may

$3.50 - English language learners (ELLs) often face the difficult challenge of learning both a new language and new subject matter at the same time. In Teaching English Language Learners Across the Content Areas, Judie Haynes and Debbie Zacarian offer strategies, tools, and tips that teachers can use to help ELLs at all levels flourish in mainstream classrooms.

$3.50 - Asian grandmothers, whether of Chinese, Japanese, Indonesian, Vietnamese, or Indian descent; are the keepers of the cultural, and culinary, flame. Their mastery of delicious home-cooked dishes and comfort food makes them the ideal source for this cookbook. Author Pat Tanumihardja has assembled 130 tantalizing dishes from real Chinese fried rice to the classic Filipino Chicken Adobo to the ultimate Japanese comfort dish Oyako donburi.

$3.50 - An efficient tutorial on fundamentals This book has one goal - to lead the learner through the steps necessary to perform the basic skills of shotgunning; to guide the beginner to the door marked "shotgunning opportunities" and to provide the means of opening that door. In order to achieve this goal, you'll need to understand one of the basic learning concepts used in the book's preparation.

$3.50 - It happens all the time. Just when Max's owner thinks she has him figured out, he exhibits a bewildering fear of the neighbor's skateboard. Or, despite endless corrections, Bailey still refuses to understand that she doesn't belong on the leather armchair.Then there are the dogs that almost always behave appropriately and predictably but can still display a few surprise reactions in situations that disturb their routines. Houseguests might be ruining Buster's sense of order

$3.50 - Dale DeGroff is widely regarded as the world's foremost mixologist.Hailed by the "New York Times" as "single-handedly responsible for what's been called the cocktail renaissance," he earned this reputation during his twelve years at the fashionable Promenade Bar in New York City's Rainbow Room. It was there in 1987 that he not only reintroduced the cocktail menu to the country but also began mixing drinks from scratch, using impeccably fresh ingredients instead of

$3.50 - Is it possible to eat normally, five days a week, and become slimmer and healthier as a result? Simple answer: yes. You just limit your calorie intake for two nonconsecutive days each week - 500 calories for women, 600 for men. You'll lose weight quickly and effortlessly with the FastDiet. Scientific trials of intermittent fasters have shown that it will not only help the pounds fly off, but also reduce your risk of a range of diseases from diabetes to cardiovascular disease

$3.50 - Celebrating pasta in all its glorious forms, author Domenica Marchetti draws from her Italian heritage to share 100 classic and modern recipes. Step-by-step instructions for making fresh pasta offer plenty of variations on the classic egg pasta, while a glossary of pasta shapes, a source list for unusual ingredients, and a handy guide for stocking the pantry with pasta essentials encourage the home cook to look beyond simple spaghetti.

$3.50 - More than 130 healthy beef recipes from the top authority in nutrition Lean beef can be a key part of a healthy diet. Calorie for calorie, it's one of nature's most nutrient-rich foods. Now, the National Cattlemen's Beef Association and the American Dietetic Association show today's health-conscious cooks exciting new ways to use lean beef in everything from quick and easy mid-week suppers to special occasion meals.

$3.50 - The Social Bible Of Winning Friends And Influencing People In The 21st Century - FREE shipping

$3.50 - Ultimate Encyclopedia of Powerful Internet Marketing Mindsets and Methods - PDF - FREE shipping

$3.50 - Here for the first time in one place is everything you need to know about modern military combat. Drawn from dozens of the U.S. Army's well-written field manuals on every conceivable aspect of conducting combat operations, this huge compendium contains everything for any combatant anywhere—armed or unarmed and in all conditions and terrains

$3.50 - This is the best-selling undergraduate food preparation textbook in the marketplace. It has a long standing reputation for being comprehensive, yet easy for students to understand and follow. Wayne Gisslen's reputation for being able to simply, yet comprehensively, communicate information to beginning chefs is unsurpassed.

$3.50 - Put simply, Cooking is a revelation. No other cookbook so deftly illustrates as broad a scope of classic culinary methods and flavors as you'll find here. As a veteran chef and award-winning cookbook author, James Peterson is uniquely qualified to take food lovers into the modern kitchen and turn them into passionate, precise, intuitive cooks. What's most impressive about a book of this breadth and size (540 pages and 600 recipes, brought to life with 1500 vivid color photographs)

$4.89 - 650 eBay Articles with Private Label Rights (PLR) - FREE shipping - Massive Private Label Article Pack! 650 PLR articles on several topics about and online sales

$4.89 - Marketing Excellence 2 features 34 award-winning case studies from some of the world's leading brands, including Sky+, BT Business, Audi, Magners, O2, Waitrose, McDonald's, Aviva, Marks & Spencer, Shell, UPS, Virgin Atlantic and many more. Covering marketing applications from Customer Insight, Marketing Communications and Launching Brands to Global Branding, Social Marketing and Marketing for Sustainable Consumption, this books covers it all.

$4.89 - Who doesn't like the idea of throwing ingredients into a slow cooker and coming back hours later to a finished meal? Too bad most slow cooker recipes deliver mediocre results you'd rather forget than fix again. A team of ten test cooks at America's Test Kitchen spent a year developing recipes, and what they discovered will change the way you use your slow cooker.