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11 Things You Should Know Right Now About Honey Bees

Get to Know Native Mason Bees

While honey bees are familiar to most of us, there are many other varieties of bee that are great pollinators. Mason bees are one of them. Here's why you want to encourage them to visit your garden. | Attainable Sustainable

Pollinator Friendly Gardens, Part 2

Current farming practices leave bees without enough food year-round. Help give bees something to thrive on and plant some of these.

Sweet Basil - Grow it for the Bees

Sweet basil is a must-have for my garden, creating a source of never ending leaves. But plant some for the bees, too!

Did you know that bees have a tongue? The tongue of the bee is called the proboscis.

When Bees Are Most Likely To Sting: Honeybee Colonies and Their Moods

Bees can sting, we all know that. And, let’s be honest, everybody knows that females of any species can be a bit moody. Apply this dictum to a colony of honeybees, which are nearly all female, and the occasional bee sting is inevitable. While the...