Color Palette

blooming brights

patinaed hues

mental vacation

bedroom colors?

gumball brights

color warn

The combination of colors - All about needlework. Equipment, lessons, stories, videos.

Combines several beautiful colors: contrasting shades of yellow, orange, coral and violet. At first look bright colors don’t annoy but rather attract attention. This color scheme can be used in summer wardrobe of active girl who likes to stand out from the crowd.

Love these colors

petalled tones

slice of bright 4.12.12

daisy brights- bright, light, and cheery for children's bldg. nursery- all except the brightest yellow.

I think this is the final color scheme choice for our bedroom. Grey bedding with purple sheets and accessories in these colors!

citrused brights

thistled tones

feathered tones

arizona brights


so bright