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Candy Barr aka. “The Sugar & Spice Girl”.. A full page ad for Abe Weinstein’s ‘COLONY Club’, from an issue of “This Month In DALLAS”.. A type of program guide usually offered free by larger U.S. cities to travelling businessman, to help generate tourist dollars into their local economies

Lavender and her Purple Cat

Studio photograph of Annie Dawson Wallace seated on a bicycle - Sydney, New South Wales, 1899

Movie poster for Irving Klaw’s 1954 film ‘VARIETEASE’’; starring: Lili St. Cyr

Swimming in a lake (1930's?)

Morley Stockings

Lily Ayers

Dian Rowland aka. “Society’s Sweetheart”.. Her birth name was: “Thelma”.. And she was the oldest sibling to her Burly-Q sisters: Betty and Rozell.. Unfortunately, she was also born with a heart condition that prevented her from attending the same dance classes.. While on tour at a Detroit burlesque theatre, she passed away in her hotel room; due to a massive heart attack. She was only 29 years old.

actress Lila Lee circa 1920

Ice cold whiskey

Val De Val aka. “The Liberator”..

Chorus Girls - c. 1939

Precious Diamond

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