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  • Carli Barr

    DIY leather braided bracelet

  • Marvilyn T

    Braided bracelet idea

  • Debra Sherrill

    Braiding Leather - The Magic Braid Suzi's Crafts

  • Linh Phu

    The Magic Braid: DIY Braided Leather Bracelet

  • Devon Westbo

    Braiding Leather - The Magic Braid Create a braided bracelet with a single piece of leather. Use the resulting bracelet with essential oils! Just add a drop or two to the leather and enjoy the benefits topically and aromatically throughout the day.

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1 - Fold the cord, but some should be short (slightly longer than the actual length of the bracelet, and the other at least 1.30 m., which is what will become the fabric. You tie a knot, where then hook the carabiner. Then you have two ends, the short and long. For each tuck the same number of balls (and figure you, depending on the ball and the size of the bracelet). 2-3 - Hold the short end, and you rolling (out) with the long ball from one side and one from the other upwards, zigzag, up to...


TRICK BRAID What do you think is so tricky about this braid? As you can see, you make this braid from a single strip of leather with two slits running along the length. Braid the inner strips just like the hair braid, but after each step, slip the bottom through the slits to keep it from tangling.

Oh goodness- these make me think of my trip to Tokyo Disney :)

How to braid without loose ends - three cuts with ends intact. i've always wondered how to do this!!!!

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All you need is a magic braid or something you can braid. This...

You have no idea how much it pissed me off not to know how this was done. Why I never looked it up before was just plain laziness, but I'm glad I now know!

I have always wanted to know how to do this!!! Create a braid with a single piece of leather.