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How to Prove That You're Cherokee

by Jennie Dalcour
Proving Cherokee ancestry is possibly the key to unlock federal and scholarship benefits as well as knowledge of your family’s history. Some individuals can trace their genealogy to Cherokees who were not recognized as tribe members while others are able to prove eligibility for tribal membership. T...
  • Teena

    native indians - Google Search

  • Natives / Amérindiens

    "Old Coyote, Crow Indian, an army scout born in 1855 (son of a Piegan, incidentally) who fought at the Rosebud and was Crow tribal historian Barney Old Coyote's grandfather." - Photo by Frank Jay Haynes, no date. - (Original)

  • Kathy Mason-Bakken

    How Do I Confirm That I Am of Native American Indian Descent?

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