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The Wisdom of Native Americans...Proud to be a Cherokee Native American :o)

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Black Hair, Native American, photographed by Edward Curtis in 1905. Black Hair, head-and-shoulders portrait, facing front.

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Definition of a Native American Indian... I am a blue-eyed redhead so no one believes me when I tell them I my Great-grandmother was full-blood. It doesn't change who I am.

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Cherokee women: warriors, mothers, artists

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Walini - Cherokee - 1888 (I don't believe that Afro-Americans {Black Americans of U.S. Ancestry} are full-blooded American Indian, like some people on the internet are saying. But I know that we are descended from indigenous people that got mixed up with North and West Africans (There were North African slaves sent to Virginia in the 1600s) As we have always been told by our family elders.

I think this is interesting because the Holocaust is publicized so much but we tend to forget about how many were lost when the colonies were founded in American soil.