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Fifteen Cent a Gallon Gasoline at Miller Bros. Super Service Station @

Saturday's feature is a very busy Gulf Station and parking lot photographed in 1953. The operation is filled to the brim with 30s, 40s, and 50s cars. See it and link to hundreds of other vintage gas stations on The Old Motor at:

Learn how to make new castings for your project at:

Gladys O’Donnel And Earl Cooper Promote Union 76 Gasoline @

Studebaker Touring Car and Electric Truck Postcards: We are asking readers to help us learn the identity of this "Leading Actress" today on The Old Motor. You can also learn about the trucks and the gasoline-powered cars the South Bend automaker made at the time at:

Repurposing Old Parts Into To Something Special at:

Tell Us the Backstory Behind These Five Intriguing Images @

Vintage Gas Stations – A Look Back at Service Stations in the Past: Gas for only 8 1/2 cents a GALLON!! See this station and over 125 more vintage gas station photos on The Old Motor at: