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mexican embroidery

Textiles of Oaxca

Diego & Frida

Frida on currency

Tehuantepec Clothing Mexico Magnificent huipil and skirt from the Tehuantepec area of Oaxaca. Hand embroidered in the typical "large flower" style of Tehuantepec.

frida kahlo museum mexico city | Frida Kahlo Museum - Mexico City - Reviews of Frida Kahlo Museum ...

MEXICO CITY.- A headdress worn by Mexican painter Frida Khalo is exhibited at her museum in Mexico City. The clothes, shoes, jewelry and headdresses chosen by the painter -wife of Mexican painter Diego Rivera, and who has inspired internationally renowned fashion designers- can be seen at their home Museum at the exhibition ’Appearances can be Deceiving’, which includes blouses with colorful prints and long skirts, typical of the region of Oaxaca, south of Mexico City. AFP PHOTO/OMAR TORRES.

Many women in rural villages surrounding Oaxaca still dress in traditional clothing. Long tresses with satin ribbons and this rebozo (shawl) on her head are typical for her village near Tlacolula.

"Charreras" (the female version of a "Charro" -- a cowboy "dandy") at an exhibition of trick riding in Oaxaca.

Chiapas, Chiapa de Corzo, Chiapanecas - Photo by Secretaria de Turismo de Chiapas

"Clausura", the event surrounding the end of the school year, is always filled with dance, speeches and music, Oaxaca. by oaxocaadele, via Flickr

A wedding couple - Oaxaca

Cinematography of Oaxaca; people, architecture, landscape, food and traditions.

Traditions in Chiapas, Mexico

A sand painting of enormous scale, Frida Kahlo dominates the town hall of Oaxaca.

Day of the Dead is everywhere in Oaxaca.

A typical parade in the zocalo of Oaxaca, Mexico.

"Danza de la Pluma" probably the most famous dance in Oaxaca.

The Radish Festival, famous in Oaxaca, December 23rd.

Day of the Dead, Oaxaca

Ceremonies are important in Oaxaca, even in kindergarden!

Charming Casita in the Hills of Oaxaca

Riding in Ecuador with my friend Sally at A GREAT TIME

Pineapple Dance, Oaxaca, Mexico.

Great tour company in Oaxaca and Chiapas!