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    Oźwiena was the Slavic Goddess of the Echo. She was connected to human communication. As the Goddess of Gossip, she was unable to keep any secret or private conversation. If she disliked somebody, Oźwiena distorted the meaning of their words. She was also the Goddess of Fame and Glory, being responsible for the storytelling of heroes' deeds. She was also in the service of the Subterranean God Peklenc; she broadcast the screams of the damned as a warning to the living.

    Geisha by Jessica Walker

    Goddess of Fire Headdress

    for ever red


    Yellow hair style

    red red roses

    Blueberry diamond by Ophelia-Overdose

    Aphrodite by =Ophelia-Overdose on deviantART


    Kseniya Filtschew Model: Tanja Make up: Tatiana Dress: Ekaterina Kolotinskaja Foto/Bea: Edelique LIGHT. RED. WHITE. BIRCHTREE. NAILS. NECKLACE. EYEBROWS

    moulin rouge

    cyber goth


    Breed interviews Fashion Photographer & Marketing Expert Lindsay Adler image by Lindsay Adler

    sergey baturin

    Red Veil ♥

    Yohji Yamamoto Spring 2014 #neon #fashion

    D&G ~ 'fire' ✿⊱╮

    Benzaiten (弁才天, 弁財天) is the Japanese name for the Hindu goddess Saraswati. Worship of Benzaiten arrived in Japan during the 6th through 8th centuries. Benzaiten is the Goddess of everything that flows: Water, Words, Speech, Eloquence, Music and by extension, Knowledge. The original characters used to write her name read "Biancaitian" in Chinese and "Bensaiten" in Japanese (辯才天) and reflect her role as the Goddess of Eloquence.