• Alex Calatayud

    Charles Ebbets (1905-1978) was an actor, race car, fighter, hunter, fisherman and pilot. He had been hired as director of photography of the building that year to document the construction of Rockefeller Center in New York during the Depression-era United States, and although the picture was published shortly after the New York Herald Tribune, only in October 2003 was officially recognized his authorship of the picture, because until then just part of what was called the Bettman Archive.

  • Beatriz Mateos

    Charles Ebbets is seen atop Rockefeller Center in 1932 when he shot the famous photo "Lunch atop Skyscraper."

  • Electra Foster

    Art Charles Ebbets shooting his famous Lunch atop a Skyscraper shot on the 69th floor of the GE Building, 1932 lens-work

  • Melacine Thatlivesbythesea

    Charles Ebbets high above Manhattan. He's the photographer who took that iconic shot of the crew eating lunch during Rockefeller Center construction - New York City construction workers go to great heights - NY Daily News

  • Digital Slurp

    Empire state of mind. #newyork #empire #empirestatebuilding

  • Beth Sasser-Daughtridge

    portrait of photographer Charles C. Ebbets atop a New York skyscraper, 1932

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