Current farming practices leave bees without enough food year round. Help give bees something to thrive on and plant some of these.

creating a bee friendly garden- plants to attract and feed beneficial bees. save the bees!

Plants That Attract Butterflies (follow link for more: "Tips to Help Attract Butterflies to Your Garden")

Learn about the importance of keeping bee populations alive and well in your garden, and how you can encourage bees to take up residence in your back yard. #Bees #CCD

plants that repel misquitos

Plant for the Bees - Making a list of these plants. Anything to help the bees come back.

How to make a water feeder for bees

Creating a bee-friendly garden means more than just planting flowers. You certainly want to attract them with gorgeous blooms, but while they are in your garden you will want to give them a place to drink: a bee bath. #ad #bee #garden

Save the bees

four flowers bees need you to plant now

Cucumbers like it hot. Lettuce likes it cool and shady. But with this trellis, they’re perfect companions! Use this slanted trellis to grow your cucumbers and you’ll enjoy loads of straight, unblemished fruit. Plant lettuce, mesclun or spinach in the shady area beneath to protect it from wilting or bolting. Western red cedar frame and sturdy plastic mesh. 48" square.

how to harvest seeds from your vegetables to plant next year

Wish I would have know this trick over 4 years ago. It would have saved countless hours of taking sod out & would have produced healthy soil also! Put cardboard & compost over grass in fall & by spring... you have healthy beds to plant in!

Bee a good gardener.

Grow a Bee Garden::The Bees need all the help they can get. Save the Bees - Save our Plant Food Source!

Tomato plant irrigation - must do this for our tomatoes this year!

To bee or not to bee: that is the question. It's easier to keep bees than you might think -- even for urban gardeners.

Why a tomato cracks and what to do about it and A LOT of other information about caring for tomato plants...

Very helpful in choosing plants for landscaping

Kitchen garden designs - my favorites are the "Kitchen Garden Design," the "Kitchen Gardening Tips," "Year Round Garden Design" (at least I think so; I didn't know all the formal names listed), and the "Eye Catching Kitchen Garden Plan." I might like the "Five Year Garden Plan," but I can't really read it well.