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    • Jen Hilton

      Allergens Are Hiding in Your Scented Products - Groovy Green Livin

    • Caroline

      "Secret Scents: The Allergens Hiding In Your Scented Products" via the Campaign for Safe Cosmetics and Women's Voices for the Earth

    • Tracy Huang

      Campaign for Safe Cosmetics : Secret Scents #healthy #skin #care #skincare

    • Tonya Connell

      Secret Scents: How Hidden Fragrance Allergens Harm Public Health -Final.jpg 585×3,037 pixels

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    "If someone were to ask you, 'What's that lovely fragrance you're wearing? would you say,' Oh those are hormone disruptors, allergens and chemicals that have never been assessed for safety. It's my signature scent.' Of course you wouldn't. But there is a good changes that reply would be accurate." - Mia Davis, Campaign for Safe Cosmetics

    Unscented Shopping Guide - Confused by labels? Not all unscented products are created equal! Learn what to look for when shopping for unscented, fragrance-free products. #fragrancefree #unscented #scentfree

    Secret Scents: How Hidden Fragrance Allergens Harm Public Health. Repinned by An Angel's Touch, LLC, d/b/a WCF Commercial Green Cleaning Co., Denver's Property Cleaning Specialists! angelsgreencleani...

    "A Fragrance-Free Manifesto" via Women's Voices for the Earth www.womensvoices....

    Tell Glade to stop keeping secrets and list all fragrance ingredients. We have a right to know what's in products we use in our homes!

    Most people have experienced or know someone who has experienced difficulty breathing, nausea or headaches from such things as cigarette smoke, diesel exhaust, pesticides, cleaning agents or hanging out in the laundry detergent isle for too long.

    Secret Scents: Are Hidden Fragrance Allergens Making You Sick? #infographic via The Campaign for Safe Cosmetics

    How To Smell Better: The Benefits to Being Fragrance Free - Virginia George #fragrancefree #perfume #scentfree

    Sophie has been hospitalized several times because of exposure to artificial fragrances. When exposed, she experiences reactive airway. Inflammation begins in her respiratory tract, leading to difficulty breathing. As I watched my daughter struggling to breathe in the hospital, hooked up to oxygen and an IV, I realized that silence is not an option. I knew that the only way to make a change was to be the change, to be a part of the movement to remove toxic chemicals from our lives.