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  • Kristy Cronkrite

    New report finds hidden fragrance chemicals harm our health. Take action! "Secret Scents" Campaign from Women's Voices of the Earth

  • Karen Bills

    ... secret scents: the allergens hiding in your scented products

  • Jen Hilton

    Allergens Are Hiding in Your Scented Products - Groovy Green Livin

  • Tracy Huang

    Campaign for Safe Cosmetics : Secret Scents #healthy #skin #care #skincare

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"If someone were to ask you, 'What's that lovely fragrance you're wearing? would you say,' Oh those are hormone disruptors, allergens and chemicals that have never been assessed for safety. It's my signature scent.' Of course you wouldn't. But there is a good changes that reply would be accurate." - Mia Davis, Campaign for Safe Cosmetics

Secret Scents - Hidden Fragrances affect Health. Almost 20% of the general population is sensitized to at least one allergen, and studies find that fragrance is one of the most frequently identified substances causing allergic reactions. Fragrance allergy affects 2 to 11 percent of the general population. This translates to tens of millions of people globally affected by fragrance.

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Daily Mail article on scent: Nearly a third of people may suffer adverse health effects from being exposed to scents

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The chemicals used in scented products can make some people sick, especially those with fragrance sensitivities, asthma, allergies and other medical conditions. Scent-free workplaces can be a breath of fresh air. Download this poster for free from: or buy full-colour copies for only $6 each.