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  • Kaleyah Cross

    Yuuki X Zero (Vampire Knight) I finally finished this manga and I absolutely loved the ending I've been reading it since middle school so sad to see its ending

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vampire knight

Vampire Knight - Yuuki and Zero

Vampire Knight... Damit RAWR Yuki's not the right one to choose, choose me I won't leave you!

Matsuri Hino, Studio Deen, Vampire Knight, Zero Kiryuu, Yuuki Cross anime

Vampire Knight Anime Zero & Yuki (beautiful even though I thought she fit better with Kaname)

Kiryuu Zero & Cross/ Kuran Yuki -Vampire Knight

Vampire knight~ even though I push you away deep down ,I want you~

I've given up on vampire knight but I still love Zero he deserved better :

Yuki x Zero, Vampire Knight

That's it, I'm not reading the manga. I won't ever read the manga nope nope NEWWWPPP