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Kiryuu Zero! Vampire Knight! Aaahhhh!! Oh my hotness, is it wrong to fall for a fictional character, much less, an anime character? Haha, woo, you go Zero!!♡ ;)

i want some dude or a guy i like to come up to me and kiss me like this hehehe :-) (I see this for Kage and Eri...I just imagine that's how it would be...not for a first kiss though...Eri would look a lot more shocked XD *Darn it, Angel, you're not supposed to ship them! XP* I totally ship Akio/Eri...and Kage/Eri...and Kage/Lin...I ship them all XD)

This pic is awesome!!!!! Even tho I hate him in the anime.......... Kaname (vampire knight) ;)