One student reads a word while two other students race to try to smack the bug with the corresponding word. Could do with math facts as well.

Word Recognition Pin 1: This activity is a "twist" on the game Twister. This is Sight Word Twister where the students play a game of Twister where each circle contains a sight word. One student spins the spinner and the others touch the sight word that the spinner landed on after the word is spoken.

Lay out a complete alphabet with letter cards, then let kids sort letters to match. Use letter tiles from games, plastic/magnetic letters, by marsha

Great vocabulary builder...each student has a word on their forehead...other students give clues to student to help them figure out the word they have. Can use synonym, antonym etc.

Lillypad sight word jumping so easy to DIY this up. (use for minimal pairs for aud. discrim, artic, etc.) could tweak for math

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