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  • Couponingforfreebies

    DIY Mason jar garden planter - 25 DIY Low Budget Garden Ideas

  • Beatrice Brown-green

    Garden Jars DIY. that's a pretty idea I think my green thumb could do this...

  • Julia Merriam

    In an empty jar, place soil, moss, leaves, and a small plant to create a mini garden you can put around your home! - love this idea

  • Thomas Salerno

    30 Awesome DIY Projects that You’ve Never Heard of 30 Awesome DIY Projects that You’ve Never Heard ofFill empty jars with pebbles, soil, moss, and small plants for mini gardens you can place around your home. Feel free to add in some miniatures for extra impact!

  • Dilly Dally

    Flower: Green Lady Slipper Orchid - garden in glass jar. Spanish tutorial. Ferns, selaginellas, saxifrage, fittonias, Pileas, peperomias, small varieties of ivy, croton and leaf begonias, bromeliads as certain Cryptanthus and even some palm trees, as Chamaedorea, Neanthe and Cocos. Aquariums:African violet (Saintpaulia), if available long forceps to remove the flowers that become moldy. That done, you have to plant them and water them neatly without flooding, wet only.

  • Doan Vo

    Lady Slipper Orchid terrarium

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Terrariums are little worlds, contained in glass, where you can replicate a plants microclimate!

Orchid Terrarium..... Maybe if I put them in a jar they will stay alive.... One of my bucket list items, keep an Orchid alive for at least a year...

Garden Jars DIY. a way for some of us who are not indoor green thumbs to grow orchids, which need shade but light….

The light can not exist without the darkness both in the physical world and within our psyche. We took a chance agreeing to be born. Some carried deep childhood scars that operate in the experience through out life. But Joy IS our birth right and we can not achieve this with out accepting what is difficult in ourselves and in this world.

my boys will learn the art of giving flowers. I have yet to receive any at a lovely moment... always predicable or not at all...

Mason jars - consider hanging the jars as shown in the picture but instead of plants, make the solar power lights that are a DIY Project. Could hang them all around the yard on a privacy fence.

mason-jar-planter-board. I love this idea on so many levels! I'd have to add gravel or little rocks on the bottom with a secret straw to help the water evaporate and control mold. Very cute!

Fuzzy Monkey Face Orchid by Columbus GV Team: Taken on a Habitat for Humanity Global Village mission trip to Guayaquil, Ecuador in June 2008. #ColumbusGVTeam #Ecuador #Monkey_Face_Orchid

Peonies - maybe scatter in some glass bottles/small mason jars with just a few blooms to bring down the cost? What do you think Alise?