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More Gorgeous Air Plant Displays

I've never heard of air plants. They are so unique! Definitely a nice way to bring the outdoors in.

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Gallery of Naman Spa / MIA Design Studio - 17

Naman Spa - Vietnam

The living wall is made up of golden pothos plant. The plants get light from the nearby window and grow in hydroponic inserts (pots filled with clay granules), relinquishing the need for soil. That means no dirt and no insects to deal with. Apart from occasional watering and directing their growth, the plants require little maintenance.


Water Terrarium

A large glass bowl and a plant stand gets you this great little water garden for your patio/porch.

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Plant a Living Wreath

Tough, drought-tolerant succulents are a perfect way dress up gates, fences, walls, and doors. To create a living wreath like the one shown ...

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16+ More Creative Garden Container Ideas

Free a birdcage! Plant succulents.

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Top Terrarium Plants

11 best terrarium plants: 1. peperomia caperata ‘variegata’ 2. cryptanthus bivittatus 3. arachnoides simplicior ‘variegata’ 4. pilea involucrata ‘moon valley’ 5. selaginella kraussiana ‘aurea’ 6. tillandsia stricta 7. acorus gramineus ‘minimus aureus’ 8. ophiopogon planiscapus ‘nigrescens’ 9. asplenium bulbiferum 10. saxifraga stolonifera 11. fittonia verschaffeltii var. argyroneura

Driftwood Wall Garden. Like a breath of fresh air. Our driftwood wall panels pair easily with our air plants to create a living wall art. Or attach your own staghorn fern or orchid plants. For use indoors or outdoors. ***SOLD OUT ***

Ingredients Driftwood (cleaned and free of salts) Sphagnum Moss (long grain works best) Twine Tillandsia (Air Plant) Mistletoe Cactus (Look for Rhipsalis with the Exotic Angel houseplants).


Living Fences: 11 Boundary-Setting Solutions

Burning bushes living fence